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About US

Building the future

My name is Ciro Cacciapuoti and I am a Web Developer, I deal with Ecommerce and Websites, but I mainly love to develop, I have been doing this for over 30 years.

I started my profession with the development of management software (Billing, Accounting, ..), in 2000 I was struck by the rise of the Internet, and I started to make my first works.

IT is a passion for me, I have dedicated thousands of hours to this profession, I have written millions of lines of code.

To those who ask me about my profession, I always repeat that I am a lucky person because he makes a job of his own passion.

Webleap is my last occurred, my curriculum is for a very long registry, so in these pages you will find only the latest works.

My goal: to work with Customers, helping them to communicate effectively with their public and to reach and maintain substantial presence on the Internet by linking their services, products and solutions to the public looking for them


UX Research

Brand Identity

Web Development

Business Strategy

Web Design